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About Exclusive Buyer’s Agency

We are an Exclusive Buyers’ Brokerage. This means that we only work for real estate Buyers. Our expertise is focused on the needs of Buyers, and we are able to offer a higher level of service to real estate Buyers because of our unique specialization.

We are members of the Local MLS, and we have access to all of the listed properties, but we don’t list properties ourselves. Because we don’t represent Sellers, we never practice Dual Agency (where one company represents both Buyer and Seller), and we always owe fiduciary loyalty to the Buyer.

Buyers will be happy to hear that almost all of the time, payment to the Buyer’s Agent comes out of the Sellers proceeds, so it costs nothing more to have your own Buyer’s Agent, working only for you, unbiased and loyal.
"Exclusive buyer's agents work only for consumers and often can save them money – and they don't cost more to hire...exclusive buyer's agents are not tied to any particular property or agency, so they will show buyers any home, even those for sale by owner." - Los Angeles Times

"What to do: If you use a buyer's agent, make sure you get one who's genuine... You can find a true buyer's agent only at a firm that does not accept listings." -Consumer Reports May '05

"Exclusive agencies are best. They remove any conflict of interest, which is the main reason for considering a buyer broker in the first place" - Your New Home - Denise Fields

"Your goal should be to engage an agent who will represent only your interests. Not just a `buyer broker´, but an exclusive buyer broker. Make sure that is what you are getting." - Joseph Eamon Cummins, Author, Not One Dollar More!
The two sides of a real estate transaction are very different. The Seller’s agent needs to focus on things like marketing, presenting the property in its best light, disclosing material facts, trying to convince the market that this listing is the one to buy, and of course getting the highest price possible for their listings.

As Exclusive Buyer’s Agents, we don’t try and sell a Buyer any one particular property. We help Buyers search and analyze the market so that they can find the best property for them, wherever it might be found. We help the buyer take an honest, unbiased look at a property and thoroughly investigate important facts, and we help Buyers negotiate the lowest price possible.

To accomplish these ends, we develop an unusually deep understanding of our local market. We maintain a network of top-flight professionals who are ready to help our Buyers investigate all issues, secure financing, and successfully navigate the intricacies of the real estate transaction.

There are many reasons why any real estate Buyer would want to use an Exclusive Buyer’s Agent, and we invite you to explore the pages linked at left to discover these reasons and deepen your understanding of the real estate purchasing process. Please don’t hesitate to write or call with any questions.


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