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How to Buy Property

best practices for a successful purchase

1. Call us at (831) GET-HOME. If you are looking in Santa Cruz and the Monterey Bay or in the Lake Tahoe area, we may be able to help you, otherwise, we'll set you up with a great agent who will treat you like royalty.

2. If you are planning to finance the property, you need to call your mortgage broker or banker right after you hang up the phone with us, and preferably call more than one. As one of our favorite loan persons is apt to point out, people shop around more for a toaster than they do for the largest and most enduring financial transaction of their lives. It is so important to talk to your loan person early in the process. The earlier the better, even if it’s 6 months or more before you will actually be ready to buy. We can’t stress the importance of this enough. Working with your loan person early has the strong potential to save you a lot of money in many different ways. Call us to talk about this in detail.

3. If you go to an open house or otherwise meet with a listing agent, the first thing you need to do is to tell the agent that you are working with your own Buyer’s Agent. The next thing you need to do is to be very careful about what you say. Really, the listing agent is working for the Seller, and is obligated to tell the Seller anything you say that might help the Seller in future negotiations. Certainly, do not sign anything. If the listing agent tries to persuade you to work with him after you’ve already told him you are working with your own agent, you can be assured of that agent’s lack of integrity and honesty. Proceed with extreme caution. Call us for an explanation.

4. Remember that in this market, some properties are way over-priced. You can easily loose hundreds of thousands of dollars without the right information. At the same time, some astute listing agents are pricing their properties below market value in order to stimulate interest, and it’s working. We are still seeing multiple offers and bidding wars. As a buyer, you need to be able to differentiate between various pricing strategies, and you also need to be able to move with intelligence and agility when the best opportunities do come along.

5. No matter where you hear about a property, on the internet, on a sign, in the newspaper, through word of mouth, call us. Yes, any property whatsoever. A FSBO, foreclosure, bank-owned, or your neighbor’s house. At least spend a few minutes talking to an experienced and unbiased Exclusive Buyer’s Agent.

If you are ready to buy, call us today, at (831) GET-HOME. If we can't answer, let us know you’ve read this page in your message, and we'll call you back very quickly.

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